FHS Statistics

The statistics presented here are compiled from the notes of Coach Bositis and supplemented with information from FHS yearbooks. We know we are missing some data, including:

  1. Individual Data (including rosters) from 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973
  2. Team Data (Goals For, Goals Against) from several seasons.

We will need to rely on the community to help us fill in the gaps. Send us a note if you see something that needs fixing.

Player Scoring Statistics

Player Seasons Goals Assists Total
Bullen, Mike (1986)1983-85431457
Dalzell, Keith (1989)1986-88342256
LaVoie, John (1977)1974-76321648
Frongillo, Richard (1985)1982-84252146
Hitchcock, Brian (1977)1974-76311546
Drennen, Mike (2001)1997-00311445
St. Louis, Mike (1997)1993-96321345
Taranto, Dave (1989)1985-88261642
O'Regan, Joe (1986)1983-85281341
Smith, Wheeler (2003)1999-02311041
Morris, Jay (1995)1991-94261440
Elliott, Marc (1977)1974-76241539
Courtney, Scott (1975)1974221234
Karas, Peter (1993)1989-92191534
Griffith, Joe (1993)1989-92181533
Pennell, Eric (1994)1992-93211233
Carroll, Blair (1998)1995-9725732
Scafati, Zach (2013)2009-12221032
Osborne, Martin (1981)1977-8022931